If You’re Reading This, I’d Like To Say “Thank You”.

Thank you for wasting 6 years of my life. Thank you for the nights you threw my laundry across the house, screamed in my face and shoved me into corners and laughed at me as I cried. Thank you for telling me that I wasn’t pretty enough by your Florida standards. Thank you for breaking my heart and my picture frames in the middle of each and every night. Thank you for making me afraid to lay in bed at night. Thank you for shouting as I lay motionless on the bedroom floor unable to get up by myself. Thank you for being drunk every single day that I’ve known you. Thank you for cheating and blaming me. Thank you for making me buy my own Birthday cake on my 30th birthday and even more, thank you for letting me go to the store to have Happy Birthday written to myself and expecting me to bring it home for my birthday celebration before your friends and family showed up for my party. Thank you for breaking my wrist, my ribs and my spirit. Thank you for stripping away my love for writing and painting and photography. Thank you for pushing me out of a moving truck in the middle of the woods in front of all of your sorry friends and threatening to fist fight me like a man. Thank you for letting me drive 26 hours straight on New Years Eve, alone, because you didn’t want to give up your trip to the Bahamas to go with me. Thank you for showing up drunk when I was in the hospital and promptly leaving before the liquor store closed. Thank you for cutting me off from my family and friends. Thank you for telling me how worthless and ugly I was. Thank God I had you to remind me everyday or I may have questioned it. Thank you for throwing the Easter dinner I prepared across the room and onto the floor for the dogs to eat because you were out of beer. Thank you for never being there for me. Thank you for thinking I would never leave, and thank you for believing me when I told you I wouldn’t. 

Thank you for believing that I would put up with you for better or worse. Thank you for showing me what a real man isn’t. Thank you for going to that meeting in Tampa that rainy day in February. Thank you for calling me everyday since I left 5 years ago to tell me how your heart is broken without me. Thank you for your apologies. Thank you for crying about how you were wrong and how you loved me so much and you didn’t mean any of the horrible things you put me through.

Thank you. Fuck you very much.Image


About Trees Without Roots

I'm a sometimes spunky, sometimes brooding Southern woman who is still trying to find my roots. I come from a travelling Military upbringing, and I hope to one day plant my feet firmly into the ground, and settle. I have no real theme going here, just a bit of randomness that is my life. I hope you enjoy.

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  1. I have heard many stories like this. Some on a daily basis. If you ever want to email me privately, I have an ear to listen and a heart that is open.


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